CRYSTAL Water Therapy

Experience new sensations of happiness


Water is the perfect conductor for sounds It creates a state of flight and gives a feeling of safety in the water and relaxation.

The vibration of the Crystal Bowls turns off the endless dialogue in the head, relaxes the mind, and allows you to experience new sensations of happiness and flight in the weightlessness of water.

A field for deep relaxation is created, releasing resources at various levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental.

practices crystal water therapy session

Clear sound enhances the intent we visualize during a sound session. And this leads to the healing or manifestation of the desired. The crystal sounds of the bowls appeal to our being in the present, at the moment here and now, helping to open up to the future.

Trust the healing and harmonization process. Allow the water, charged with high frequencies and vibration of sounds, to fill you with new information to find inner happiness and peace.


Connect with Your Inner Power!