Sense the transcendental experience


This is a state between consciousness and subconsciousness, where a person enters a kind of trance, in which he gets the opportunity to connect with a higher spiritual force and, with its help, start the process of improving his own life.

We use a special breathing rhythm to achieve the state of deepest relaxation. This resting rhythm corresponds to a delta wave with a frequency of 1-3 hertz, when a person is almost asleep or is in a phase of REM sleep with dreams.

At this point in time, mindful breathing is the most powerful practice in emotional life management. It is possible to calm yourself from any state of stress, nourish the body and activate your higher «I».

Specific breathing patterns are associated with the four main trance states. By mimicking these breathing patterns, you can consciously bring yourself to any level of trance you desire.

Your breath is all you need to experience the many levels of your consciousness, heal your mind and body, get answers to questions, and sense the transcendental experience of time travel and connection to the Earth’s information field.

practices delta trance session


Alpha Level

This is a state of relaxation without fatigue and tension, streams of creativity without effort, a powerful state for memory and learning, a harmonious and peaceful state. Habits, fears, and phobias begin to melt away in this state, giving rise to calmness and peace.

To enter a light alpha trance with a frequency of 9-13 hertz, it is recommended to constantly breathe in the stomach with an interval of no more than a second between inhalation and exhalation.



This is a state of fear, anxiety, stress, paranoia, depression, irritability, moodiness, and anger. People spend most of their time in this condition due to weakened health and immune systems.

We often forget to breathe properly, taking shallow and erratic breaths, compounding our distress. Also, this process is natural for the release of the negative experience accumulated in the body in order, to release the blocks of a physical and emotional nature during breathwork.

Most people go through the cleansing beta stage with a frequency of 14-30 hertz at the very beginning of practice.


Delta Level

It is an egoless state of deep relaxation, renewal, healing, and rejuvenation, it is the entrance to non-physical states of reality. The best condition for immune system function, recovery, and health.

Breathing becomes super slow for 5 seconds or more between each inhalation and exhalation. This is the same type of deep breathing that you naturally do when you want to sleep.

Delta Trance is the most filling, nourishing, and healing of all trance states for both the physical and energy bodies, specifically designed for your personal highest well-being.

As you practice moving into different states of consciousness, observe these natural rhythms in yourself to understand how breathing can help you enter certain trance states.


Theta Level

This is a state of deep relaxation, insight, intuition, and inspiration, answers to important questions and solutions to problems can be found. It feels like you are floating through images, dreams, memories. As a result, you feel more connected and intimate with others.

Breathing slows down 2-4 seconds between each inhalation and exhalation. Consecutive deep breaths in and out will help you transition easily from light to deep trance. In theta trance with a frequency of 4-8 hertz, the ego is still aware and observes as if in the background.

This state can be easily reached after releasing limiting emotions and blockages in the body.

Connect with Your Inner Power!