META-Universe Journey

Restore body, mind, and spirit


Meta-Universe Journey is an inner journey guided by a multitude of sounds of different frequencies and vibrations, where sounds resonate with different parts of the body.

Our goal of the practice is to achieve resonance of the brain waves and the nervous system to restore balance and relieve tension.

These states can lead you to complete relaxation in which healing and connection with higher consciousness can occur.

Dimensional Journey is meant to connect us to our ancestors and spirit guides, to activate subconscious messages so that we can receive them without judgment.

This is a journey beyond our understanding and dimension to where you can receive the support of the Higher Forces and heal yourself on the physical and subtle planes.

The journey starts with having an out-of-body experience where you feel present in the room but no longer within your physical self. You can have colorful patterns and psychedelic visions that make no sense to the rational mind.

Stay present in the visualization, enjoy a lucid dreaming state, restore body, mind, and spirit.


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Connect with Your Inner Power!