Sohana Spirit

Transform your life into success with creative power of astrology

You have a wish to be successful, but you don’t know how to turn it into reality

Your astro coach here to inspire you to transform your life by guiding you to achieve success

WhatProblemsare you Facing?


Not enough information about yourself and talents.

No motivation and dreams.

You don’t accept yourself.




Disappointments on the partnership.

Can not find the desired partner.

Lack of faith in harmonious relationships.


Negative thoughts about yourself or others.



Align yourself

with the power AND WISDOM of the planets

What Benefits do youget?

success AT your JOB

You will understand the bigger perspective of your life.You will see your talents and possibilities.You will get the next steps towards your dream and success.

HAPPY relationship

You will understand how to get a partner and where.You will learn how to choose the right partner for you.You will see how to improve yourself in order to harmonize existing relationships or get the desired partner.

Strong Health

You will learn which part of your life you need to focus on and how to change it to get out of stress and anxiety.You will understand who you are and how to stop negative thoughts and self-destraction.You will see a healthy way of your life and a way to cure what is already damaged.

My Sessions

Astrology is a powerful tool for self-knowledge, and this is how I use it, to help my clients uncover parts of themselves that they are not seeing, or that they cannot understand.

You are going to see the bigger perspective of your life. You will get info for your next step towards your dreams.

Let’s analyze your astrology chart together from a practical and evolutionary perspective. It will help you to better understand the resources you have, your potential, understand the defense mechanisms and the key to transforming them.

We identify possible personal and interpersonal conflicts, your social projection, the relationship with the other.

We will set confirmations of your thoughts about yourself and your wishes.

Some of the information, which I will give you, starts to play in your life immediately.



About Your Astro Coach

MY NAME IS…Anna Sohana

Anna Sohana is an astrologer, coach, spiritual teacher since 2005, who helps people transform their lives.She assists clients from around the world through astrological consultation by understanding their conscious wishes and subconscious needs.Anna has a passion for personal reading and she loves to guide into personalized life coaching. She helps move each individual towards the resolution of issues and transform them into success.Her goal is to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things and envision new possibilities.Anna shares weekly knowledge about astrology and motivational videos towards success on her Youtube channel: Sohana Spirit.She is on the following social media accounts

What Others Say

Anna set confirmations of my thoughts about myself and my wishes that it is right for me and time to make it happens.Many things that she tells me during the reading started to happen after the session with her.

Brett Merrill, USA

Musical Producer

She gave me a bigger perspective of my life and she was very spot on the reading. I got my next steps to go to my dream. I want to thank Anna for telling me that it is okay to love money. This acceptance really unlocked so many cool opportunities for me.

Dea Rezkitha, Indonesia 

Motivational Speaker

She confirmed some thoughts I had inside of me but I never put them into practice. I have lost a lot of opportunities in my life, probably because I was scared to step out of the comfort zone. Anna gave me the power and show me my way to follow.

Felipe Jimenez, Spain



The Purpose Of Your Life