Holistic Healing

Body Mind Soul
We create unique guidance and increase awareness to answer the burning questions inside of you.

It’s your opportunity to connect with a higher spiritual force to start the process of improving your life.

Our goal is to provide for you valuable techniques to calm yourself from any state of stress, nourish the body and activate your higher purpose.

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Holistic Astrology is a powerful tool for self-knowledge. We use it to help you uncover parts of yourself that you are not seeing or that you cannot understand.



We use Holistic Coaching methods and other spiritual modalities to lead you from the actual point to your desired result.



We create a tailored experience that has high results to relax your mind and feel new sensations of happiness through different spiritual elements.

We never, ever share your information.

Holistic Healing Method

The Holistic Healing Method is based on the Alchemy of the Trinity of Body, Mind, and Soul. This is a unique approach, where each element supports each other to achieve the full realization of human potential, where the individual happiness and harmony of each individual is concluded.


We use the deepest and most effective practices, where layer by layer the potential of the body is manifested to:
  • Healing of a number of diseases
  • Cleaning from mental programs and blocks
  • Activation of energy potential
  • Filling with new healthy settings
  • Corrections of the worldview for personal health and prosperity
  • Increase the vibration of the body for a new experience of the highest level.


We reveal the secret of an individual life path to a set dream, desire, goal.
First, we determine the existence of a dream. Then, we identify its correspondence to what is really desired. After that, we set the first goal and step by step we rise to the desired level of life, in accordance with the capabilities of the inherent energy potential from birth.


We turn to the knowledge of the Holistic Astrology of the soul, the source of the most ancient knowledge about the path and purpose of every part of the world soul. Our approach is unique in that it is adapted to modern life and answers all the most pressing questions of the present time in accordance with the unique map of the soul of each individual.

The Alchemy of the Trinity of Body, Mind and Soul is the connection of the material world with the spiritual, soul with mind, mind with body through a Holistic approach, using Practical and Mystical knowledge.

About Anna Sohana

Anna Sohana is an astrologer, coach, holistic healer since 2005, who helps people transform their lives.

She assists clients from around the world through astrological consultation and healing practices by understanding their conscious wishes and subconscious needs.

Anna has a passion for personal reading and she loves to guide into personalized holistic coaching. She helps move each individual towards the resolution of issues and transform them into success.

Her goal is to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things and envision new possibilities.

Connect with Your Inner Power!


Anna set confirmations of my thoughts about myself and my wishes that it is right for me and time to make it happen. Many things that she told me during the coaching started to happen after the session with her.
Brett Merrill

Musical Producer, USA

Anna gave me a bigger perspective of my life and she was very spot on in the coach sessions. I got my next steps to go to my dream. I want to thank Anna for telling me that it is okay to love money. This acceptance really unlocked so many cool opportunities for me.
Dea Rezkitha

Motivational Speaker, Indonesia

Anna wonderfully reveals the purpose of astrology: crystal clarity, professionalism and amazing insight into all topics – directs your personal compass to everything that happens. This is exactly the feeling I got after the consultation – and the circumstances around me are the same, but my perception has changed – a feeling of the way and understanding of further steps have appeared
Evelina Nadrashova

Corporate Events Manager, Russia

Anna confirmed some thoughts I had inside of me but I never put them into practice. I have lost a lot of opportunities in my life, probably because I was scared to step out of my comfort zone. Anna gave me the power and showed me my way to follow.






Felipe Jimenez,

Entrepreneur, Spain

Connect with Your Inner Power!