Holistic Practices

Let yourself be in harmony

Holistic Practices

We create a tailored experience that has high results to relax your mind and feel new sensations of happiness through different spiritual elements.

You will heal your mind and soul with the vibration and frequency of unique techniques, guided by your own body.

The secret to happiness, health and prosperity lies in our ability to rest and relax in the present moment.



Our practices will help you disconnect from the outside world for a while and plunge into your incredible and mysterious inner world. You will learn to solve your problems with ease, harmonize your emotional state, be filled with vital energy and develop a sense of peace, happiness and love.

All practices are aimed at healing, filling and improving the quality of your life.



This is a state between consciousness and subconsciousness, where a person enters a kind of trance, in which he gets the opportunity to connect with a higher spiritual force and, with its help, start the process of improving his own life.


Meta-Universe Journey is an inner journey guided by a multitude of sounds of different frequencies and vibrations, where sounds resonate with different parts of the body.


Water is the perfect conductor for sounds. It creates a state of flight and gives a feeling of safety in the water and relaxation.

About Anna Sohana

Anna Sohana is an astrologer, coach, holistic healer since 2005, who helps people transform their lives.

She assists clients from around the world through astrological consultation by understanding their conscious wishes and subconscious needs.

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